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Your Confessions...
Obligatory crap first...
Name: sarah 
Age: 14 
Astrological Sign: the fish 
Any siblings?: muchos
In a relationship or pathetically single?: married. && luvin him
Who was your childhood best friend?: jackie jonnie && britney 
Are you still friends with them?: yea x cept for britney..who knows what happend to her
What grade are you in in school?: 9th
Do you want to go to college?:mehh 
Do you get good grades?: haha
Do you get along with your parents?: we live under the same roof without killing eachother. thats enough
Your siblings?: sorta
Hair color: brown 
Number of...
True friends you have: some
People you can trust with your life: me.
Serious relationships you've been in: mmm 4.
Times you've been in love: 2..or so i thought 
Times you've been in REAL love...not puppy love middle school crap: 1
Guys you've kissed: 6 
Girls you've kissed: 3
Guys you've slept with: ..
Girls you've slept with: ..
Times you've been betrayed: to many
People you honestly and truly hate: the world. god. && 3 other ppl 
Times you've had your heart broken: 97543nb8wuyt864w375 
Describe (without naming names when applies)...
Your first kiss: forced on me. not good. quick && over with fast
Your BEST kiss: mmm yuhmeh
Your first love: sweet. loverly. funny guy.
The best and worst moment of your life: mmm...pass
The best sex you've ever had: hahah.
Your dream date: fun.
Your dream pizza: sauce. oodles of it
Your idea of perfect happiness: happyness.someone to love me. music.
Your best friend: jonnie
Holiday: halloween 
Song: world war me
Band: fftl
TV Show: degrassi 
Movie: so many. 
Color: rainbow 
Season: fall.winter 
Person: john. beth. jonnie.angie. && all && any vampires 
Last minute randomness...
Do you believe in true love/soulmates? If so do you know yours?: yes yes
What's the biggest turnoff?: rudness
What is the biggest problem in the world today?: war
What religion are you?: my own
What's the most important lesson you've learned in the past week?: you need to feel pain to realize how good you have it.
Myspace: good or bad?: ok
Celebrity crush?: matt good. mairlyn manson.
Is love ever a mistake?: sometimes
What's the biggest mistake you've made thus far?: not forgiving && holding shit in 
Have you ever been drunk? High?: yes yes 
Ever been arrested? Is your mugshot on thesmokinggun?: no no 
Do blondes have more fun?: sure 
Do you believe in fate?: no 
Are you addicted to anything?: yes 
What takes away your stress/makes you feel most relaxed?: music && holding my breath sucking my thumb laying in the street
Before you die, what do you want your last words to be?: im sorry. i wish i could have lived it better. see you on the other side. if there is any
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