Holly ♥ (rojostressa) wrote in surveysluts,
Holly ♥

1. How tall are you barefoot? 5'2.
2. Full Name: holly elizabeth.
3. Do you own a gun? no, and i wouldn't say i have a reason to.
4. If you had a mental disorder, what would it be? bipolar.
5. How many letters are in your crush's first name? 6.
6. What do you think of hot dogs? i don't think much of them.
7. What's your favorite Christmas song? little drummer boy.
8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? water if anything.
9. Do you do push-ups? hardly.
10. Have you ever done ecstasy? no.
11. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? no.
12. Do you like the rain? yes. rain or thunderstorms.
3. Are you sweet? short and sweet.
15. Do you have A.D.D? no.
16. Full Initials: hep.
17. Name 4 thoughts at this exact moment. "my neck hurts" "i'm going to regret staying up this late" "when will it actually happen" "will i remember to grab the desk support in the morning".
18. Name the last 3 things you have bought in the past week. gas, lunch, cigarettes.
20. What time did you wake up today? 9:30 a.m.
21. Can you spell? quite well.
22. Current worry? finding a new job.
23. Current hate? i don't hate things. i'm extremely disappointed. but hate is far too strong of a word.
24. Favorite place to be? on twin peaks in san francisco or in santa cruz.
25. Least favorite place to be? in the car when it's turned off in the summer. oh. my. god. it's so hot.
26. Where would you like to go right now? to bed. but i'm waiting up.
27. Do you own slippers? yes. however i can only find one of them right now.
28. Where do you think you'll be in 10 yrs? hopefully married with children and a successful job. what most people want, i assume.
29. Do you burn or tan? i tan very nicely.
30. Yellow or blue. yellow.
31 Would you be a pirate? i don't think i'd be a very good pirate.
32. Last time your phone rang? i don't have a phone.
33. What song do you sing in the shower? anything that comes to mind.
34. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child? i would change everything i saw in the dark into a monster or person.
35. What's in your pockets right now? i don't have any pockets.
36. Last thing that made you laugh? something a certain someone said.
37. Best bed sheets you had as a child? strawberry shortcake.
38. Worst injury you've ever had? i can't say i've been injured too bad. i suppose when my foot was sprained. if i were at home it would have been alright, but it was the second day of coachella. i walked around so slowly limping. the longest walk i've ever had to go was from inside the festival to the parking field.
40. How many TVs do you have in your house? 3 i think.
43. Does someone have a crush on you? i'm pretty sure he does.
44. Do you wish on stars? every single time i see one.
45. what is your favorite book? i would stick with the Bible.
46. What song did you last hear? the other - isis.
47. When were you last kissed? a couple weeks ago.
48. What is your favorite cereal? frosted flakes.
49. What were you doing at midnight last night? more than likely just sitting online. waiting for everyone to come home.
50. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? you have to be kidding me.
51. Do you like someone right now? yes.

1. What time is it? 3:53 a.m.
2. Name as it appears on birth certificate: again, holly elizabeth.
3. Nickname(s): mamas.
4. Number of candles on your last birthday cake: 20.
5. Birthday: july 02.
6. Pets: a dog named prius. who lives with his dad.
7. Hair color: darker brown.
8. Piercing: ears to 1/2", lip, nose, cartilage.
9. Eye color: green.
10. How much do you love your job? i don't have a job.
11. Home town: i don't belive i have a hometown since i moved around so much when i was a kid. modesto is the closest thing i can say that counts.
12. Current Residence: oakdale, ca.
13. Favorite Food(s): taco truck burritos, steak, mashed potatos.
14. Been to Africa? no. the next time my dad goes i do want to go though.
15. Been toilet papering? i used to be on a team with another girl and her mom and pink mini van, and we'd get most all of our friend's houses.
16. Loved somebody so much it made you cry? yes.
17. Been in a car accident? yes.
18. Crouton or bacon bits? croutons. i hate bacon.
19. Favorite day (s) of the week: saturday or sunday. of course it'd be the weekend.
20. Favorite word or phrase: "your mom."
21. Favorite Restaurant: elephant bar.
22. Favorite flowers: tulips or gerber daisies.
23. Favorite Drink: alcoholic? cosmos or a bottle of soco. non-alcoholic...sweet tea.
24. Favorite sport to watch: football or basketball.
25. Favorite ice cream: mint chocolate chip.
26. Disney or Warner Bros? disney.
27. Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: del taco.
28. What color is your bedroom carpet? beige.
29. How many times did you fail your drivers test? i passed it the first time.
30. Who is the last person you got e-mail from before
this? youtube.
31. Do you sing in the shower? whenever i get a chance.
32. Which store would you choose to Max out your credit card? target.
33. What do you do most often when you are bored? well surveys of course.
34. Most annoying thing people ask me: why didn't you fill in the other bird. in regards to my unfinished chest piece.
35. Bedtime: whenever i pass out from exhaustion. usually around 4 a.m. 0
36. Who will respond to this e-mail the quickest? your mom.
37. Who is the person you sent this to that is least likely to respond? nobody.
38. Favorite TV show(s): the sopranos.
39. Last person you went out to dinner with? jessica, i think.
40. Ford or Chevy? chevy.
41. Time you finished this e-mail? 4:02 a.m.
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